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Helen Storey Foundation was a project funded, not for profit arts organisation, creating collaborative work across art, fashion, science, design and technology for social, cultural and education use. Helen Storey Foundation closed early September 2019 and will not undertake further projects.


“The Helen Storey Foundation Archive is now under the care of the LCF Archives Team at University of the Arts, London.

Physical and Digital artefacts including archived webpages are now available by appointment – 


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The directors wish to thank University of the Arts London and London College of Fashion, as well as all past supporters, collaborators and partners since 1999, who have helped imagine, create and deliver work of which they are proud, and they hope will continue to remain of value to others.

Visit HSF archival ;website for fashion highlights and older projects 1983 since OPEN>

Our Story Life On The Outskirts
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Image  Present Times, fashion collection Autumn 1992,  Helen Storey archive
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For films of Helen’s current work at Za’atari refugee camp see films and social media:

Image: Still from 10 years of collaboration made by DED at University of Sheffield, 2010
Examples of projects:
Eye & I – 2005 to 2014
Catalytic Teaching and Learning 2015/16

Mental Pictures 2018
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Helen Storey, Amygdala, with Rachel Hazell Mental , 2001
Launced at St Pancras International, London in Nov 2015, and shown at Science Museum, Glastonbury, and United Nations, Geneva in 2016, the Dress explores the global movement of people through data visualisation. https://www.dress4ourtime.org/ .
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Love Coats film, Summer 2017:
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Primitive Streak
Primitive Streak: created 1997: a science-art collaboration, elucidating 10 key events in human embryonic development, by Helen Storey and her biologist sister, Kate Storey OPEN>
More http://helenstoreyfoundation.org/pro2.htm
Original images by Justine, model: Korinna @Models 1
Wonderland brings together the worlds of art, fashion/textiles and science .Professor Tony Ryan, OBE, Director of the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures, University of Sheffield and Helen Storey use their different backgrounds to present new ideas for practical solutions to current ethical issues, notably around environment, plastics and waste. OPEN>. Archived
Film by Nick Knight SHOW link
Catalytic Clothing
Catalytic Clothing, continued the collaboration between Helen Storey and Tony Ryan - a radical project that brought together the worlds of fashion, art, design, technology and chemistry with the potential to clean the air we breathe A commercially available product can be sourced from partners http://pureti.com/ OPEN>
Dresss of Glass and Flame
A work, between Helen, Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and London College of Fashion. Produced by world renowned Berengo Studio, in Venice.

Films can be viewed here.

Neurogenesis, From neuron birth to all that we are. A art-science installation by Helen Storey and her sister Kate (developmental biologist) in collaboration with Holition. 20 years after Primitive Streak, the work will open in Dundee on March 23rd to April 21st 2018
Film: https://vimeo.com/258625422

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Helen Storey Foundation extends its thanks to all its supporters and friends.

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