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The inspiration:
Founded in 1997 by Helen Storey and Caroline Coates, the Helen Storey Foundation was created in response to a project that required a brand new way of working. Helen had embarked on a collaboration that made a profound contact with the world of science, a ‘mindshift’ that has been the driving force behind all the Foundation’s subsequent projects. In the years since this venture, numerous conversations and relationships have been at the heart of work that has crossed many boundaries, particularly those of art, science, engineering, new media, technology, architecture and education.

What it is:
The Helen Storey Foundation is a not-for-profit arts organization promoting creativity and innovation. It intentionally spreads a global net to collaborate with diverse practitioners – both new and established. The team, led by Helen Storey and Caroline Coates, is agile and open, able to bring together ideas and minds to create truly innovative artworks and more recently, new ways of learning.

What it is doing now:
A range of projects, details of which can be found on this site, are in progress. The Helen Storey Foundation actively seeks partners and collaborators with whom to break new ground. If you would like to get in contact please email [email protected]