The inspiration:
With Primitive Streak I was stunned by the audience response and my own reaction to what is possible when science and art deliberately collide. Although I don’t have any scientific qualifications, I realised it had lit my mind unlike anything before. Struggling with how to take this new-found fascination forward, it was Caroline’s idea that the next work could be an autobiographical understanding of my own mind.

What it is:
Mental is a 5-part work that explores, through hand-craft and technology, key emotions which for me are present during the creative process. The interactive nature of the exhibits enables others to leave messages and understandings of how their own minds work.

What it is doing now:
In 2001 Mental had its international launch at Oksnehallen, a gallery in Copenhagen and has since completed a UK tour backed by the Arts Council England. Parts of the work have been included in the “Creative Lab” concept. Currently the figure entitled 'Amygdala' will be installed for teacher, student and community interaction at Acland Burghley School (North London) from Sept 2006 for a year. Additionally, the 'Death Dresses' will be installed at the University of East London for one year.

Death dress - Last ride
Photograph by Mads Armgaard
“We need people like Storey, people capable of re-defining ways of thinking about the world…It is her very unclassifiability and her willingness to chance her arm that makes Storey so interesting”
Independent On Sunday, January 2001