Whisper is an interactive game requiring instinctive responses. It takes the form of five computers encircling a pool of honey. Each computer invites the viewer to play an interactive game, asking questions about individuality. The digital responses of each participant are combined and projected into the honey pool, creating a unique image of Whisper and what it is that makes us human.

Incoming information of every kind – sight, sound, touch, smell, taste – is transformed into electrical signals and integrated in the brain to weave an electronic loom of sensation. Most of these patterns flicker and vanish: a few are fixed in chemical form and somehow become memories, behaviour patterns, emotional states – the very stuff that makes us human.

Collaborators: AMX, Malcolm Garrett, Ross Phillips, Martyn Ware/Glenn Gregory www.illustriouscompany.co.uk, Sonia Baka/Liam Dunn, James Wellburn/Matthias Kispert, Mark Miodownik, King’s College London

Supporters: Pfizer and an Arts & Business New Partners Award supported by the National Lottery and the Department of Culture Media and Sport.