Frock Art
by Robert Crampton The Times Magazine
9 June 2001

Comments on Mental:

"The designer Helen Storey has never been the sort of woman who would let bankruptcy...keep her down. And now she has reinvented herself once again with a collection ... to be looked at but certainly not worn."
Body chemistry
by Jane Owen
The Weekend Financial Times
30 June 2001

Comments on Whisper from Mental:

"What is the shape of love? What colour is it? You will be asked to consider this kind of question if you visit Mental ... it could be an influential new direction for businesses seeking to harness employees' creative potential."
The cycle of life
by Susan Mansfield
The Herald
11 July 2003

Comments on Amygdala from Mental:

"Visitors can write their thoughts and feelings. Alongside teenage graffiti, there are poems, declarations of love, even suicide notes ... 'I'm amazed at how there seems to be a need to confess at some level. People seem to be willing to impart bits of themselves and then leave, as if it's got a kind of cathartic quality to it'."