Red Mega Star dress
London College of Fashion foyer
Image by Alex Maguire

Wonderland in London 29 January – 29 February 2008
Wonderland was shown in an open studio environment at the London College of Fashion Gallery Space. This installation was observed by the public and the media. The textiles that were used to create the Dresses were created by University of Ulster. One dress disappeared entirely over the exhibition period in the foyer window of the college. See the news section for more information and the SHOWstudio website for timelapse footage of the dress dissolving, Helen Storey’s exhibition diary, interviews, films and more.

Wonderland in Sheffield 18 June – 13 July 2008
A city-wide exhibition opened on 18 June 2008. Wonderland appeared at four different sites across Sheffield with cultural and educational events that ran alongside the exhibits. Please see the news page and the Wonderland Sheffield web site for further information, films and images.

Wonderland in Belfast 8 October – 8 November 2008
Wonderland appeared at Ormeau Baths Gallery Belfast. A full education programme was also run within the gallery. Please see the News page and the Wonderland Belfast web site for more information and images.

“I found the ideas and concepts fascinating. It was a novel and unusual as well as beautiful use of materials. I was particularly impressed by the young people from Thomas Tallis School and have already been in communication with them regarding the work that they have done in their school so that we can some further ideas for our school.” Visitor to Wonderland in London

“Just wow! They’re amazing and the designs are great. The whole idea of them is really thought provoking. I can’t believe they’re just going to disappear!” Visitor to Wonderland in Sheffield